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Want to run a viral campaign?


Viral Campaigns

Competitions, Giveaways and Launches

What is a viral campaign?

Viral campaigns help brands, and service providers build organic and engaging social followers and email subscribers by creating competitions, giveaways and launches boosted by our printed and digital platforms.

Our specialist system controls every aspect, including:

  • Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on number of referrals)

  • Generates unique referral invite links

  • Full control over type and number of points given per action (visits, leads or shares)

  • Offer extra incentives for sharing (regardless of other actions)

All you have to do is supply some information about the contest along with the prize or giveaway (usually a digital product, voucher or download).

We are currently running competitions free of charge for clients (usual price is £200 per comp).

Why run a viral campaign?

Well, research show…


People trust recommendations from friends and family seven times more than traditional advertising.


Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means, and they’re more loyal!


Globally, 92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends/family above all other forms of advertising.