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From Cheshire to Harley Street

From Cheshire to Harley Street

REVOLAX travels the UK to deliver the latest trends in aesthetic procedures


When it comes to aesthetic and cosmetic trends, London’s Harley Street region has long maintained its prestigious reputation. REVOLAX has taken this renowned gold standard UK wide and brings premium quality dermal filler treatments right to your doorstep.

Born in Didsbury, Manchester, REVOLAX Ambassador and London based aesthetics doctor Mark Gorman talks to us about the evolution of the dermal filler industry and how REVOLAX has helped to shape popular trends and make such treatments more accessible: “Recently the trends have been towards re-shaping chins, re-sculpting jaws and augmenting noses. REVOLAX performs very well as a volume restorer and is perfect for building natural facial contour. It is a quality, premium product and as such is my Go-To filler.”

Dr Gorman, who combines both his plastic surgery skills and 10 years non-surgical aesthetics experience provides specialist REVOLAX training to medics and is exclusively using the products on his own clients. He has seen the trend of dermal fillers shift from anti-wrinkle treatments to facial enhancements: “In the past, treatments were more about adding volume to older faces. Now, we are re-shaping and re-sculpting younger faces just as often,” he says.


It is now easier than ever to get the looks you desire without going under the knife, meaning youthful looks can be achieved with minimal to no downtime. With hyaluronic acid dermal fillers being biodegradable, the effects of the treatment will typically last between 9 and 18 months (product dependent), so these are treatments that can adapt with both your age and personal taste over time.

REVOLAX contains Lidocaine which makes the treatment more comfortable and has a range of products for different treatment areas of the face. Whether you are looking for smoothed out skin, fuller lips or the perfect profile, there is a specific product viscosity for each individual need.

Since its introduction to the UK market, REVOLAX has quickly established itself as a premium dermal filler with over 200,000 aesthetic treatments carried out in 2018 alone. REVOLAX offers elite products for natural enhancements and delivers a Wow-effect.

With glowing reports and consistent 5-star customer reviews, it’s clear that the general public have as much confidence in REVOLAX as Dr Mark Gorman endorses.

So whether you’re a seasoned ‘tweakment’ pro or simply curious as to whether non-surgical treatments have anything to offer you, what better time to take a fresh style approach than Spring the season of new beginnings! 

Depending on the treated area, REVOLAX treatments can range on average from £150 to £300.

For further information t: 01925 320820 or e:

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