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About - The Cheshire Magazine

The Cheshire Magazine is the premiere, luxury glossy lifestyle magazine dedicated to Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas which aspire to showcase metropolitan living at the height of sophistication.

Our publication provides compelling editorial content, covering the latest in fashion, beauty, society, art, culture, travel, entertainment, home and garden, offering a unique perspective on all things luxe and urbane. We tell, rather than sell, therefore maximising reader engagement. We live and breathe Cheshire, and quintessential British craftsmanship, proud our publication is written, designed and produced here in the county.

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Printed on a high-quality lithographic offset printing press, perfection bound


Delivered, complementary and directly to 11,000 of the wealthiest homes in the North West by Royal Mail, using the state-of-the-art Address Intelligence system to ensure effective and pinpoint accurate distribution. We adorn tables, desks and counters in 8,000 of Cheshire's most luxurious hotel rooms, boutiques, salons and businesses.