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McQueen Chandelier

by Luxxu

This amazing chandelier is inspired by one of the most irreverent designers of all time, Alexander McQueen. He is known for his dramatic designs and fashion shows. This masterpiece is as powerful as his exhibitions, combining the best luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials.


Tom Dixon Bell Table Light

by Tom Dixon

The Bell table light by Tom Dixon is a generous and luminous dome centered over a slim chrome stand designed to take on characteristic of its environment, with its highly polished mirrored surface and mathematically precise dome shape, allowing it to reflect the colours surrounding it. Formed from pressed chrome plated steel using innovative manufacturing processes and finished with an injection moulded diffuser The Bell  gives off a soft warm light. Tom Dixon is often inspired by Britain’s unique heritage, committed to reviving the British furniture industry creating innovative, unique everyday objects.


A Thousand Leaves Wallpaper

by Carmine Lake

The beaurifully calming A Thousand Leaves Wallpaper- Light by Carmine Lake will add charm and serenity to any room. Featuring highly detailed naturalistic leaves that provide a home for dragonflies, ladybirds and the (very) occasional money spider.