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My Life in Cheshire - Dan Gibson

My Life in Cheshire - Dan Gibson

The Cheshire Magazine talks to Dan Gibson, Director of Sales, Carden Park Hotel - Cheshire’s Country Estate.


How would you describe yourself?

Passionate and driven. I always put 100% into anything I do and have recently started competing with my horse Paddy which was initially out of my comfort zone but now I absolutely love it.

Where is home? Work?

Home is Cheshire and work is also Cheshire. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside at home and work. I also get to travel around the UK visiting clients so London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool are part of my regular week.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I had many ‘I want to be’ moments but one that always sticks in mind was to be a paramedic, the thought of high speed and adrenaline always gets me excited.

Name a few of your favourite places to be...

Being out in the Countryside is my ultimate favourite place to be. Outside of the U.K would be Cape Town, South Africa. We are lucky to have such a variety of high profile events that take place here in Cheshire, and of course, The Bolesworth International Horse Show always makes my diary!

What / who inspires you?

I bet everyone says this but it has to be my friends and family. They have always been supportive in everything I do and I know that I can always talk to them about anything.

Carden Party Venue.jpg

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I paid for my Niece Savannah and her friends to stay at Carden Park for her birthday treat, she was desperate to stay!

Tell us a secret/fun fact?

Oh, I couldnít possibly give away any secrets. My fun fact would that I spent 18 months working for British Airways as Cabin Crew, which meant I was able to visit a number of amazing destinations. My favourite trip was Cape Town, the people, the steak and wine were all incredible!

Who or what would you place in Room 101?

I had no idea what Room 101 was, I donít have time for TV but after talking with my colleagues I now know - I would send anyone that has bad time keeping to Room 101!

What’s been your biggest life lesson?

To aim big. I have worked at Carden Park from an early age and knew that I wanted to work my way up the ranks. I started in the restaurant at 16 years old and from the very beginning knew that hard work would pay off. Now I manage the fantastic sales team at Carden Park and couldnít picture being anywhere else.


Carden Park - Cheshire’s Country Estate

Broxton Road, Nr Chester, Cheshire, CH3 9DQ

T: 01829700103 | E:

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