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People in Business : Andrew Collinge

People in Business : Andrew Collinge

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Andrew Collinge - Creative Director, Andrew Collinge Hairdressing 

Creative Director of Andrew Collinge Hairdressing consisting of eight salons and a training division. Two times British Hairdresser of the year. Together with make-up artist Liz Collinge they have worked as a team at shows around the world, photoshoots and at Royal Weddings. 

What led you into your industry?

Both my grandfather and father were hairdressers, so I suppose you could say it was in my blood. My son Charlie is now managing our company, so we are firmly established as a family business. Next year we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first Collinge salon which opened in West Derby, Liverpool in 1940.

Who was an early business inspiration for you?

My parents set the foundations of the business we are today. In the mid 1950s dad started to build up a team of talented stylists whilst my mother was responsible for the salon designs as the business expanded. However, it was both their belief in the importance of training which led the company to expand into hairdressing training schools and stand-alone graduate salons, which has given the company stability through a source of home grown talent over the years. My sister, Sarah eventually went on the run our training division with myself directing the hairdressing.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

To protect the brand and never compromise on quality. If it’s a salon design, employ experts and work with the best materials you can afford. It’s the same principle on photoshoots and events. I feel it’s about the quality rather than the quantity of things we do.

What’s the secret of great leadership?

In our business it’s dealing with people that makes the difference between success or failure. We are really nothing without our colleagues and clients, therefore retention is key to everything. It’s up to ourselves as directors of the company to motivate, inspire and create opportunities. 


What’s the most significant leadership lesson you’ve learnt?

Whether it’s interviewing someone or deciding on a new salon location- go with your first impression and stick with it. 

Has there been a truly pivotal moment for your business?

As I mentioned earlier starting a training division gave the company a competitive edge which has stood the test of time. There was also the moment in 1988 when my wife Liz and I were invited to appear on the new daytime TV show This Morning when it started transmitting from the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The show was an instant success which also gave Liz and I massive exposure as the shows hair and make-up team for the next nine years.

Which areas of your business will you focus on in 2019?

This summer we are relocating to an exciting new salon in the fabulous refurbished Beauty Hall in Selfridges, Trafford Centre. We are also presently working on a new range of products which will be available in our salons and online through our website later this year.

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Welcome to the club!