All in Drive

X6 Sports Activity Coupé

by BMW

There is no mistaking the new BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupé. Amongst a raft of enhancements, its rare presence is amplified especially by a pronounced athletic design language, outstanding off-road capabilities, and a new optional Iconic Glow Kidney Grille, which simply dazzles. This is BMW at its boldest.

From £59,340

TBM 940

by Daher

Capable of flying from Liverpool to Moscow with a 330-knot maximum cruising speed, it’s the first aircraft in its class to come with a full autopilot and autothrottle system

From $4,133,550

Toyota GR Supra

by Toyota

After nearly two decades away, the Toyota Supra is finally returning to British roads. Last seen in dealerships in 2002, the sports coupe wormed its way into the hearts of petrol heads the world over, and a 17-year absence has only made them grow fonder. Now, though, the prodigal Supra has returned to haunt the Porsche Cayman and Alpine A110. It’s better looking than ever before, and it’s more powerful, too. A 3.0-litre, six-cylinder BMW engine feeds 335bhp to the rear wheels, allowing a 4.3-second sprint to 62mph

From £52,695