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5 ways small businesses can benefit from Apprenticeships

5 ways small businesses can benefit from Apprenticeships

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Training and developing your staff is a key priority for a small business, particularly if you want to keep the cost of recruitment down and retain valued staff. However, many smaller employers are unaware of the true value of apprenticeship training, particularly with many misconceptions that they are for new (younger) recruits looking for trade skills. Today, apprenticeships can equip your workforce with the skills to fill a talent gap within your small business and contribute widely to its success. Here are five ways you can benefit from apprenticeship training. 

Cost-effective training 

Thanks to significant government funding, small businesses can get 95% of an apprenticeship course paid for by the government. Most small businesses aren’t aware that this funding is even available, but if you have less than 50 employees and a salary bill of less than £3 million, then your business is eligible for government funding. In practice, it means that for example, a Business Administration apprenticeship course that cost £2000, will only cost your small business £100 because the government pays for the rest. 

Up-skill your existing staff

An apprenticeship doesn’t necessarily have to be a new recruit to your business; they’re also an excellent way of increasing the skill set of your current workforce

They provide the perfect combination of learning and on-the-job training for an employee who you know has the potential to gain new skills and go further in your business. Apprenticeships provide a cost-effective solution for small businesses to improve retention and increase motivation while equipping them with the latest skills and knowledge within their job role. 

Training with less interruption to your business

Sending staff on training can often mean significant time away from work and costly travel expenses, making staff training a real sacrifice for your small business. With apprenticeships, however, training can take place in your workplace, using a blend of online courses, webinars and face-to-face sessions to fit around your business, so you get the benefit of better-equipped staff with less upheaval and interruption to your business. 

Training tailored to your needs


Off the shelf training can be hit and miss when it comes to fulfilling a skills gap within your business. It may not be pitched at the right level or irrelevant to their role or your sector. Apprenticeship programmes are tailored to the needs and skills gap within your business. Your employee will come away with industry-standard qualifications and will be able to apply their newly learnt skills to their role and in turn, benefit the growth of your small business

Measure the effectiveness of the training

Measuring the ROI of staff training can be difficult; employers often receive no feedback about the learner’s progress during or after the course has completed. Apprenticeship training offers employers 360-degree feedback, involving the tutor, learner, training provider and the employer. Regular feedback is provided throughout the training following completion of each module, and the pace and content of the course can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of the learner. 

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NTG Training has been delivering high-quality apprenticeship training to businesses for over a decade, offering a wide range of apprenticeship standards, from digital marketing and business administration through to leadership and customer service training. Based in Chester, we serve businesses throughout the Midlands and the North West to upskill their workforce and source new talent.


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