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A Botanical Escape

A Botanical Escape

Head for the herbs, Alexandra Delf tries a unique Greek spa gem set in the rugged Pindus Mountains


A relaxing break in Greece traditionally conjures up mental images of blue sea and white sun-bleached buildings, however surprisingly 80% of the Greek landscape is in fact mountainous.  Within these stunning mountain ranges are some of the most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in the world, the ideal place for an off the grid spa break.

Zagori meaning ‘place behind the mountain’ is one such area rich in flora and fauna, which is located in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, Northwestern Greece. The wildflowers and herbs which grow within this region comprise one third of the plants which grow within Greece and historically have been used by the local people for their various healing properties. Through the 18th and 19th century local doctors from the area became known as ‘Vikos Doctors’ due to their talent with the abundant herbs and plants from the region, with their reach extending to achieving fame with the Ottoman Sultans of the time. Even to this day Zagori celebrates this abundance of nature through its festivals, gourmet and use of nature, through spa.

As the only spa in the region, Aristi Mountain Resort and Villas generates a unique and unforgettable experience for guests who are seeking rejuvenation and beauty in nature through the use of its local therapies and products. With this deep and intrinsic link to the natural world in mind, the hotel have recently established the Aristi open-air spa which fully maximises the resort’s magnificent setting. 

The remote location instils a feeling of complete relaxation and enables you to totally unwind, surrounded by the melodic sounds of nature and a breeze subtly scented with the aroma of mountain herbs.

With Aristi’s extensive spa menu, guests can choose from treatments such as the Revitalizing Eye Treatment and Mediterranean Skin Therapy. Many of the treatments use APIVITA products which contain Greek plant extracts and organic essential oils. A personal favourite was the Aristi Body Scrub as a luxurious way to make skin feel hydrated, smooth and soft as velvet.

Additional benefits for guests looking to enjoy a full spa experience include a meditation space, providing a total grounding and connection to the untouched nature that surrounds the resort and yoga by the river. Taking a moment to enjoy the calm waters of the pool with views out across the woodlands or indulge in a sauna was a wonderful way to start the day.

The hotel brings together elements of nature and the local surrounds throughout it’s offering and this can be seen in the resort’s restaurant ‘Salvia’ which takes its name from the indigenous herb of the Zagori region and specialises in delicious local dishes including exceptional food and wines of the region.

Surrounded by incredible natural wonders including the impressive rock cliffs the ‘Towers of Astraka’ and the Gorge of Vikos which is recognised as the deepest gorge in the world, this place behind the mountains is made for peaceful contemplation.


Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas Arisit Village, 440 16 Zagorochoria, Epirus, Greece

t: +30 26530 41330 e:

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