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Life in Design - Georgina Morgan

Life in Design - Georgina Morgan

We meet Georgina Morgan, interior designer and owner of Wirral-based home design service No77 Interiors


What inspired you to create your design business? 

My home - it influences the way I feel each day and how I conduct my life, both personally and professionally.

How would you describe your design style? 

I wouldn't say I had a particular style. I love exploring new designs and concepts, and taking elements from these to create something that will excite my clients. Our homes are so individual. They reflect our desires and passions so it would be sacrilege, in my opinion, to bring a set style to the table.

What is the easiest way to transform a space? 

It depends on the space, the natural light and most importantly the person or people who will be using the space. There are two key questions to ask yourself. How do I want to use this space and who will I be sharing it with? What elements of life excite me and what calms me? Having clear answers to these questions will make your decisions easier and bring you one step closer to transforming a space into something you’ll enjoy for a long time.


What do you see as being the design trends this year? 

As you may have guessed, I'm not really one for trends. For me, it's about bringing the latest designs together with what you already have, to create your own individual style. There are some interesting - and easily adapted - Geometric and Art Deco designs out there at the moment, which I am enjoying.

What's your favourite architectural style? 

I love Edwardian/Georgian design. I find the light and freshness of these spaces both breathtaking and peaceful. The same feeling can apply to more modern architecture, where natural light is the key influence. I find this very uplifting and harmonising.

Describe your average weekend? 


I generally work on Saturdays, so my Sundays are for precious family time with my husband and 2-year-old son.

What’s your favourite colour and why? 

I'm not sure I have a favourite colour but I generally warm to quite earthy colours like greens - they are fresh yet warm. I love soft pinks, yellows and bronzes too. Colours with depth and substance are important to me.

If you had just one item in your design toolbox, what would it be? 

A light bulb! Lighting is so important in any scheme.

If you could banish something from the world of design, what would it be? 

Too many opinions. It’s perfectly normal to get different points of view, but too many can be detrimental. You don't want to lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.


No77 Interiors, 73 Banks Rd, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0RA

t: 0151 625 9583 e:

Opening Times: Monday: Closed | Tuesday: Closed | Wednesday: 11am to 4pm | Thursday: 11am to 4pm | Friday: 11am to 4pm | Saturday: 11am to 4pm | Sunday: Closed

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