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LIFE IN DESIGN - David Tragen

LIFE IN DESIGN - David Tragen

The eponymous business owner, designer and artist crafts made-to-order pieces of contemporary furniture and wall art, predominantly in hardwood. His creations range from the minimalist to more complex, sculptural designs.


What inspired you to create your design business?

My fascination with form and what makes things beautiful.

How would you describe your design style?

Clean lines and gentle curves, bold geometric forms, strong contrasts in materials and the visual interplay between mass and void. Beauty found in the natural world is a recurring theme.

What is the easiest way to transform a space?

Break up static straight lines with references to nature, through flowing forms and movement. Add a dash of drama using bold colour and feature pieces of furniture and sculpture.

What do you see as being the design trends this year?

I don't follow trends - if your gut tells you something is great, then go with it.


What's your favourite architectural style?

I'm drawn to Parametricism because it taps into my love of geometry and organic transformation. I'm not a purist though.

Can you describe your average weekend?

Winding down with lazy mornings, a walk in the country, friends and music.

What’s your favourite colour and why?

Blue. It’s the colour I wear the most - and the colour of my favourite football team.

If you had just one item in your design toolbox, what would it be?

It all starts with a sketch pad and pencil.

If you could banish something from the world of design, what would it be?


David Tragen

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