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Life in Design: Simon Evans

Life in Design: Simon Evans

The founder of interior design practice, Design by UBER, delights in crafting interiors which abound with creativity and are created with both environment and lifestyle in mind


What inspired you to create your design business? 

I’d say the overarching factor and principle influence in my life has been travel. Through that I’ve always been overwhelmed with ideas, collecting materials and palettes that I don’t see in my day to day. Being able to use these to create unique spaces and to work with like minded people who are prepared to push boundaries is ultimately the most creatively rewarding job I can imagine.

How would you describe your design style?

We have to be creative chameleons in order to fulfil our clients’ dreams so it’s important to actually be an extension of our client’s style rather than prescribing a look that might not suite their personality or lifestyle. Personally I guess I’m a lot more understated at home than people expect. For me it’s about stylish comfort, a home that is filled with objects that represent purpose and soul, each with their own part to play in harmony with their surroundings.

What is the easiest way to transform a space? 

Creating mood is an art in itself and is one of the first things I try to consider. I love to use lighting and textures as the foundations of a great ambience.

What do you see as being the design trends this year? 

Whilst we see trends come and go in the industry it’s much more important to consider timeless elegance when designing the key components of a home. The use of quality materials is far more important than attempting to be bang on trend.


What’s your favourite architectural style? 

Professionally we don’t have an in-house style, we have amassed a team of really talented creatives each with their own fortes, from period properties to contemporary architecture and everything in-between, it’s literally a melting pot of talent. Personally, I love to combine different styles - what could be better than the charm of chunky beams, log fires and period features with uninterrupted views through ultra-sleek minimalist glazing. The perfect way to bring the outside in.

Can you describe your average weekend?

Following a hectic week which can involve a lot of travel there’s nothing better than escaping to the tranquillity of home where there’s always a fire crackling away, a glass of something nice and the chance to catch up with my kids who I don’t get to see until the weekend. I love to cook so that’s usually a big part of my weekend as well as playing football on Saturdays and some exercise training to kick start my Sunday.

What’s your favourite colour and why?

It has to be blue. I just think it can be one of the most tranquil colours and in some tones, the most vibrant. It’s an emotive colour too, reminiscent of clear blue skies and Caribbean seas.


If you had just one item in your design toolbox, what would it be?

Visualisation. The power to show photo real images of our work before a single brick is laid is so incredibly powerful, it’s a huge USP to have this in house and to create unlimited perspectives of our schemes.

If you could banish something from the world of design, what would it be?

Plagiarism. If only everything we created as designers was entirely unique, the world would be a hugely eclectic gallery of creativity, representing every aspect of our personalities the world over.   

Deisgn by UBER, Chelford Road, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8RY

t: 0333 220 5550 e: w:

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