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Life in Design - Jojo Chantler

Life in Design - Jojo Chantler

We chat to the Owner and Interior Designer at Jojo Bradley Interiors, Jojo Chantler.


What inspired you to create your design business?

Whilst renovating our house I saw a gap in the market, the business started in upholstery and soon evolved naturally into full-scale interior design.

How would you describe your design style?

That’s a difficult one as every project is unique. Our family home is elegant, yet exciting, fun and ultimately a livable space. Working with clients we take into consideration their personal taste, lifestyle and vision.

What is the easiest way to transform a space?

For a simple change; amending furniture layout or changing a wall colour. If the budget allows adding depth with fabrics, rugs and wallpapers can make a real statement.

What do you see as being the design trends this year?

Intense hues of plum and midnight blue paints with brass accents, also bold wallpapers - clients seem to be getting braver!


What’s your favourite architectural style?

Georgian - as a quintessentially British architectural style I have worked with many beautiful Georgian properties, including my own. I love the high ceilings, proportions and period characteristics. I’m always also drawn to Georgian antiques for the same reason.

Can you describe your average weekend?

Weekends are usually a chaotic mix of friends and family which is a great respite from a busy week at work. Alongside running around after our two little boys and their social diaries, it doesn’t allow time for much else!


What’s your favourite colour and why?

Blue - there are so many tones from powder to navy, it’s a palate which can be both beautiful and is easily enhanced with other accent colours.

If you had just one item in your design toolbox, what would it be?

A tape measure, it’s essential for what we do - you will always find one in my handbag!

If you could banish something from the world of design, what would it be?

Mass produced furniture, it not only has a short shelf but is bad for the environment.

Jojo Bradley Interiors Stretton Hall Farm, Stretton Tilston, Cheshire SY14 7JA

t: 07432 419 540 | e:

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