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Wedding Photography by Kate Mayo

Wedding Photography by Kate Mayo

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The Cheshire Magazine’s favourite Photographer tells us about her most memorable wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding it’s always good to hear what the experts have to say. We’ve spoken to some of the best Venues, Photographers & Wedding Planners to find out what weddings they remember most

My memorable wedding was this summer in Tarporley. It started when we arrived at Jason and John’s stunning wedding location at Peckforton Castle, situated in the heart of Cheshire. The two grooms were beautiful and calm when I arrived. I love the build to get ready - lots of giggles.

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Then the guests started to arrive on this hot summer’s day and the ceremony followed.

Throughout the day the guys had chosen little moments of joy for both themselves and the guests: during the ceremony, it was an owl that presented the rings; they had an awesome sword for the cutting of their cake; and the icing on my photographer’s cake was the ‘Proud Mary’ dance – well known to the grooms and many of their guests at the wedding.

‘Epic’ describes the events throughout Jason and John’s special day. They had a great combination of elegance, history and fun-loving joy, which I will never forget.

I adored Peckforton Castle’s brilliant windows, giving light that changes throughout the day, creating effects and making each wedding day unique – a photographer’s dream.



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Peckforton Castle, Stone House Lane, Tarporley, CW6 9TN

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