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My Life in Cheshire: Shelley Mears

My Life in Cheshire: Shelley Mears

Shelley Mears, Event Director, Jazz Events


How would you describe yourself?

Busy full time doggy mum, newlywed, gym-loving, travel-mad 40 year old sun worshipper

Where is home? work?

Work is a small office in an old school house in Kinnerton - home is 2 miles away a little further into North Wales. I feel very lucky to have almost no commute! I walk to and from the office every day with my two Schnauzers, Walter & Neo

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Apart from the obvious girly picks (nurse, stewardess, teacher) I decided when I was  15 I wanted to work in events. I had a slog to get here but I’ve worked in events since I was 25.

Name a few of your favourite places to be...

Anywhere in Italy, but I particularly love Tuscany and Rome. Almost anywhere in the sunshine as I’m pretty certain I am cold blooded! Good weather, culture, great food and I’m happy

What / who inspires you?

I don’t take kindly to being second best. We’ve worked extremely hard to grow our events and festivals to where they are today - but improving them, growing them and being better is always an inspiration.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

Flowers to a friend


Tell us a secret/fun fact?

I’m a hoarder! It pains me to throw any clothing away - I have a skirt I bought from Topshop when I was 19 and I can’t part with it!

Who or what would you place in room 101?

Sickness. I cannot bear feeling under the weather or being too ill to get things done.

What’s been your biggest life lesson?

Trusting in or relying on the wrong people. I think as you age you really do learn who your friends are and how far you want to go for them. 

Jazz Events The Old School, Higher Kinnerton, Chester, CH4 9AJ

t: 01244 881895 e:

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