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Meet the Fit Chef

Meet the Fit Chef

Meet Matthew and William Co-Founders of Fit Chef, a UK wide service that helps you reach your fitness goals by delivering healthy, tasty dishes direct to your door

Will and I are both classically trained chefs and qualified personal trainers. We both love training and are passionate that healthy food should taste great, so you can still chase your health and fitness goals and enjoy your food. Having been a keen sportsman and food lover my whole life becoming a Chef and personal trainer was a bit of a no brainer!

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Balance has always been an issue for me, whether its food, beers or more recently over doing it in the gym. I have never had an off button and it has caused me many problems over the years. I am now in a position where I have really turned a corner. I train when I want to train, eat what I want when I want and still enjoy some beers at the weekend without writing myself off for a whole week! Finding a happy balance in life has been very important for me.

I started Fit Chef to try and help other people find balance in their lives, to give them one less thing to worry about. Everyone is busy whether its work, kids or just can’t find the time to cook. It’s always easier to eat something that isn’t good for you and that’s where we come in.

Having been a Chef and personal trainer I know what REAL food tastes like and there is lots of “meal prep” companies out there sending out the same old boring boiled chicken, over cooked veg and stodgy rice, telling you its healthy and charging you £6 for the pleasure. This is not real food in my opinion and is not sustainable to be happy and healthy in the longer term - how is anyone meant to stick to a diet that isn’t REAL food and tastes so bland and miserable? Food is there to be enjoyed.

It was after having clients mention this to me that I wanted to change the way people look at food and how they interpret healthy eating. Can healthy food taste great? Of course it can. Can you eat carbs and fats? Of course you can. I believe, that unless you are an athlete or training for something specific you should be able to eat what you want when you want it and still look and feel great- no guilt. It’s about no restrictions/ everything in moderation and enjoying what you’re eating. It may take a little longer to get where you want to be but I assure you its worth it.


I wanted to create meals that I love to eat whether I’m training for something or not. I want to share this with my clients and anyone else who is interested. This gives them one less thing to think about so they can spend the weekend with their family, or go to the gym, or even putting those extra hours in at the office without feeling guilty and still enjoy food and life – find that balance and you will never need to DIET again.

The final piece of advice: Stop having cheat days or meals. It’s a flawed mentality. Treat yourself intentionally. Enjoy your food and the process of nourishing your body. This is eating for life.
— Matthew & William, Fit Chef

Fit Chef, Altrincham


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