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My Life in Cheshire - Rhiannon Mckay-Smith

My Life in Cheshire - Rhiannon Mckay-Smith

Rhiannon Mckay-Smith, co-Development Director at The Lowry

How would you describe yourself?


Mother. Hard working. Enthusiastic. Faith-filled. Lover of all things beautiful.

Where is home? work?

I'm London born and bred but have been generously adopted by the north and now love living in Altrincham. I work at the inspiring Lowry arts centre in Salford Quays as Development Director

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to run a hotel and aged 7 played a very elaborate make-believe game which was ironic because the first hotel I stayed in was in a Campanile motel on a French motorway aged 12!

Name a few of your favourite places to be...

At home snuggling with my kids and husband; in The Lowry's Quays Theatre watching some beautiful, challenging theatre; on a plane off on an adventure; or in busy buzzy Altrincham Market on a Friday night.

What / who inspires you?

The young carers, looked-after-children and teenage parents that The Lowry works weekly with through our community engagement programmes


What was the last gift you gave someone?

A homemade lasagne and a large bag of chocolate for my wonder-woman job-share partner Gwen who's recently given birth

Tell us a secret/fun fact?

I married my sister's husband's brother so my sister is also my sister-in-law. #noitsnotincest

Who or what would you place in room 101?

Christmas tat being sold in October when all I want to do is embrace and enjoy Autumn

What's been your biggest life lesson

Experiencing grief when you're young, although deeply painful, put everything you do and you are into a deeply positive perspective.


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