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People in Business : Lyn Staunton

People in Business : Lyn Staunton

The Cheshire Magazine profiles some of the region’s biggest names in business

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Lyn Staunton - North West Development Director, Variety the Children’s Charity
Meet Lyn, who has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to helping change the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. 

What led you into your industry?
I was brought up in the Entertainment Industry, so I was always around charities, and I supported quite a few through my own Promotions company at the time. I have always been passionate about children, and I believe every child should have a happy childhood whatever their circumstances or disabilities.

Who was an early inspiration for you? 
Within the Third Sector that would be Marsha Rae Ratcliff OBE who became the first female Chief Barker of Variety. Marsha created the Variety Gold Heart Appeal in 1990 that raised over £20 million in the UK, and over $200 million worldwide. I have met Marsha, and she is the most elegant, wonderful lady.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? 
Never stop making meaningful relationships, as every relationship made has the potential to help you.

What’s the secret of great leadership? 
There is no single trait, in my opinion, it’s about listening, inspiring, trusting delegating, recognising the talent in others and nurturing that talent, and most importantly leading by example. 

What’s the most significant leadership lesson you’ve learnt? 
Never to put all your eggs in one basket, and if it doesn’t feel right then, it’s not right.

Has there been a truly pivotal moment for your charity?  
Every moment is pivotal to the well-being of the children, young adults and families we support.

Which areas of the charity will you focus on in 2019? 
We will continue focusing on what we have been doing for 70 years here in the UK, and that is helping to change the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged  children to have a brighter future and provide them with specialised equipment, Sunshine Coaches and fantastic  memorable days out.

Variety North West

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