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Brasserie Blanc, Knutsford

Brasserie Blanc, Knutsford

A menu that has something for everyone, both classic tastes and the more adventurous.


I have looked forward to this review for some time as I was interested to see what kind of French twist Blanc and his team had managed to place on this traditional, longstanding eatery and bar. 

On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the team and taken to our table, with comfortable seating and an understated but warm environment the restaurant exudes a soft, calm vibe. Studying the menu we see that classic French food has been joined by some wonderful new dishes inspired by Raymond Blanc’s travels so there are options to eat food from North Africa, Asia and even the Americas. There really is something for everyone on this well-balanced menu. 

Our favourite Frenchman is bursting with an encyclopaedic knowledge & an obvious love of real food with roots in a childhood that revolved around his Maman, and her kitchen table. 

To start I decided to go for a classic, chicken liver parfait, served with truffle butter, red onion marmalade, sweet, buttery toasted brioche. The parfait was one of the nicest I have ever had, with a silky smooth texture and moose like consistency was light yet packed with flavour, perfectly complemented by the tangy marmalade and sweet bread, a well-balanced starter. 

My colleague opted for something more daring, spiced Thai samosas, filled with spicy winter vegetables, soy citrus dipping sauce, coconut & cashew cream, which on having a sneaky try, was bursting with flavour and just enough heat, pleasantly calmed by the citrus dip and coconut cream. 

For main, I now leave France and try a North African inspired dish, lamb tagine, spiced, slow-cooked cornish lamb on the bone with apricot, golden sultanas & medjool date, pistachio & almond couscous. My dish arrived in a traditional terracotta tagine, bubbling and steamy as the lid was removed at the table. My lamb was so tender I could have eaten it with a spoon, packed full of complex flavours and perfectly complemented by the light and slightly nutty couscous, which acted as a perfect accompaniment to absorb up all of the sauce and juices from the lamb. 


My colleague now opted for something simpler, fillet steak served with a peppercorn sauce and fries. Overall a very simple dish, maybe missing a vegetable of some sort, so I would recommend that a vegetable side is ordered along with this dish. Glancing back over the menu, sides of, dauphinoise potato, spinach with coastal cheddar sauce, french beans with crispy shallots, roquette & parmesan salad or a simple mixed leaf salad with choice of dressing and fig leaf oil were all available. 

The fillet steak however made up for the lack of veg, this was quite clearly cooked to perfection by a chef that loves steak. Crispy and charred on the outside while remaining perfectly medium rare on the inside. full of flavour, this steak had unmistakably been allowed to age an dry for some time, resulting in a superbly delicious piece of meat. 

So our meal went without a hitch, the service was prompt, friendly and the staff knowledgeable about the menu, meals and even the ingredients, which is quite frankly rare and evident the staff are well selected and trained. We will sure to be returning, as I am curious to see and try something I spotted on the Sunday menu, where each of the regular Sunday Roasts of Beef and Lamb is accompanied by a mini, cottage or shepherds pie, interesting! 

I would recommend Brasserie Blanc in Knutsford to anyone, young or old, couples or groups as the menu is wide-ranging and has something for everyone, breakfast, lunch or dinner – or any occasion in between. 

Bon appétit!. 

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Opening Times:

MONDAY - FRIDAY : 10AM to 11PM | SATURDAY : 9AM to 11PM | SUNDAY : 9AM to 10.30PM

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