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Fit Chef

Fit Chef

New healthy meal delivery service launched to serve foodies in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.


Founded by experienced personal trainers and classically trained chefs, Fit Chef recently launched.

Will Lee and Matt Williams combine their passions in food and fitness to launch a business to serve busy people that love to eat but don’t have the time to cook.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sometimes easier said than done. The intention can be there but, more often than not, the time isn’t. Time to go to the gym. Time to do the food shop and then, time to prepare something healthy and nutritionally balanced. It’s this lack of time that can make it all too easy to reach for the takeaway or something unhealthy when we know we should be eating better.

Experienced personal trainers and classically trained chefs, Matt Williams and Will Lee understand the challenge and this month are launching the healthy meal delivery service, Fit Chef to support busy people that love to eat but don’t have the time to cook. Frustrated with quick fixes and misinformation around food and nutrition, Matt and Will set out to provide a convenient way for people to make lasting change to their diet; and to help them work towards their lifestyle goals. “People are busy and although we are advocates of cooking for yourself, sometimes it’s not possible. That’s the point when reaching for the takeaway menu seems like the only option. Fit Chef prevents that with convenient food that is also healthy,” says Fit Chef co- founder, Matt.


Matt and Will have ploughed not just their personal training and foodie experience into the new brand. They have also combined their love of travel into their dishes which have a big emphasis on fresh, healthy food. After training at Gordon Ramsay’s Chef School, Will worked as a chef in Australia for four years where a love for the outdoors and living a healthy life took hold. Matt trained at Leith’s cookery school in London and has brought inspiration to some of the Fit Chef dishes from his travels in New York, California, San Francisco and Hawaii.

The team have worked hard to ensure that Fit Chef is not just good for its customers, but good for the environment too. Everything is delivered in environmentally friendly containers that can be kept in the fridge for up to five days.

Will comments, “We’ve been really conscious in the entire product development phase to produce something that is as environmentally friendly as possible whilst maintaining the freshness of the food. Our trays have 95% less plastic than typical ‘ready-meal’ trays and can be used in the oven and microwave.”

With an initial roll out in the Greater Manchester area, Fit Chef has now started to deliver nationally too. The range includes dishes suitable for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets. 

Fit Chef meals are always made fresh to order for delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. Customers can select their meals each week from


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